A Theater Director’s Blog

This is an exciting period; planning our winter productions and projects! I’ve been inspired and delighted by a wonderful summer of theater in Edinburgh, watching dynamic companies and talking to some amazingly creative people all with their own gripping story to tell. The image that sticks in my mind above all others, is of a Georgian actor portraying a man who died at the wrong time and whose body started to decay before the officials from the afterlife realize their mistake. His legs have rotted off and they decide to give him the legs of a horse which has just died. The skill with which the actor (sorry I don’t know your name!) portrayed awakening and discovering these horses legs, then his emotional reactions to the ensuing problems, was remarkable. One of the best things I’ve ever seen. The spring gallops where the legs just wouldn’t behave and the huge problem of the fleas and smell being noticed by his wife were all explored with such verisimilitude, pain staking observation and humanity that it was both funny and deeply upsetting at once! All with the simplest of props and the most consummate skill.
It’s got me very interested in folk tales too!

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