Spotlites Edinburgh Review

This year we had a great Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The International shows we received were all very good, the home grown (UK & Scotland) were amazing as well.

The venue was erected very quickly in record time, the lights and sound systems were installed very easily. Everything behaved itself very well, we only had 2 lamps blow, mainly due to inexperienced people moving the lanterns too fast with the lamp at 100% output.

The intelligent moving heads and all the lovely LEDs were great as usual, the sound system was a dream, especially with our new Yamaha digital sound desk.

Our new gallery theatre is a gem, this 26 seat intimate space worked out so much better than planned.

It has basic sound and lights (well a 12 channel sound desk with reverb, a CD player, a cable for laptops / iPod and stereo speakers from JBL – the lighting is a 2 preset manual desk so it is nice and handy for creating great moods – wish I had put some back light in though – next year I will)

The tech desk looks compact but everyone who used it liked it

The studio Theatre had an upgrade for this year in the way of a trio of lanterns near the fireplace – this was to remove more shadow when the space was played in the round and also to act as back light when used end on traditional way with 50 seats.
Has some really great times in the Main Theatre (150 seats) especially with rock band sensation Bangalore Rock Thermal and a quater – they even won an award from mervin stutters pick of the fringe.
We got some great reviews for our own work from fringe review and a poor one from The Times you can’t please everyone can you, but you can please some – so we will continue in our pursuit of perfection! We are not as grand as the but it isn’t a target we are aiming at either.
We have had some great offers for work from all over the world so keep an eye on the interweb or join our mailing list – we don’t share our information with anyone nor sell it like some do and we don’t spam you either. Just send an email to us at if you want to join the list.

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