led Vrs fluorescent emergency lighting – which is best

The great debate is whether led lighting is any good for theatre.

Well we all agree that we love led lights but they have their place in the lighting designer’s toolbox.

Now I have found that led emergency lights are just too bright for use in theatre as a replacement for the traditional 8w fluorescent tube.

I bought a new led one from cpc and rigged it in spotlites @ Kings Theatre and this is my review.

Once I installed it I tried to dim it by carefully positioning the running man stickers but it is just too bright as a maintained fixture. Would be excellent as a non maintained though.

So once again I have to climb the ladder of doom to uninstall the led fixture I have just installed and erect a new ‘old style’ one.

I may keep the fixture and use it as a work light and rewire it so it goes off with a switch – but that means stripping off the running man stickers so I may not do that just yet as we have 2 theater’s to re-install after our Edinburgh Fringe adventure!



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