Theatre Director’s Blog

I am always amazed by how creative and expressive our Youth Theatre are.

Last week I was astounded when at the end of a rumbustious session on creating their own musical scenes, one group presented a piece to us which blew us away. It started with a girl who didn’t want to chat and ended with her self harming. But to summarise the scene like that really doesn’t do justice to what these young people aged 14-17 offered us. The scene somehow got underneath the clichés and fears about this subject to show with simplicity, tenderness and truthfulness exactly what the girl and her faithful male friends who were sure something was up, were experiencing. It didn’t preach, it didn’t condone and it didn’t alienate. It just understood and somehow these young people’s honesty and bravery in giving us this scene was unspeakably affecting.

It made a massive impact on those who watched it and will, I think, never be forgotten. But above all it reminded me how if we approach a scene with something burning inside us that we want to say, this is what makes mesmeric drama.

For me acting is about courage and truth. The courage to tell the truth perhaps?



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