Director’s Blog – Originality

I am always inspired by Autumn; the incredible clarity of the light and the beautiful shades on the trees. It’s not an original thought but it is what I feel!

The pressure to be original which we impose on ourselves, can be crippling. You stare at a blank piece of paper or go over the same ground again and again in the rehearsal room.

But all stories and works are products of all that has been told or written before. I love working out the influences on TV series, films and books where for some reason it is not so acceptable as it is in music to acknowledge those great stories which have inspired and shaped your present artwork. Why? Shakespeare re-wrote other people’s plays. But it’s his ‘Hamlet’ we remember. Not the other poor chap’s! Shakespeare didn’t worry about the originality of what he was writing which freed him up to focus on the quality.

Originality is perhaps a bit like the Snark; something which cannot be sought!


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