Painting Spotlites all new production office

We are all working really hard at Spotlites painting the new production office in the theatre. At the moment we are on the white undercoat stage, but everything seems to be going really well.

I think this is because we have prepared the walls and ceiling quite a lot before starting the painting. I am not sure what colour the office will be when we finish, no decision has been made on the final colour. I hope it isn’t white – a bit too bleak for me.
The decision about the flooring has been made, it is either carpet or lino. need some quotes to see what is going to be cheapest and still have a quality feel about it – well we do live in the office.

One of the challenges has been to prepare the space but still have the Studio Theatre next door operational when required. Unfortunately a lot of the things in the office space were quite bulky and so the only place to put them was the Studio Theatre. So we have had a lot of moving to and fro of things the last week or so.

The space used to house all our props, stock flats, wood working tools and a massive wood store, well all those have been now moved off site to take advantage of the new office.

Next will be installing the power and communication networks and then we will do the final coat of paint before we move it – very excited to be a part of Spotlites new production office.


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