Director’s Blog – Senses

As a director for Spotlites I feel really privileged to be able to spend my day doing something that I love and that rewards me in so many ways. I especially appreciate the way it feels at the end of a day of directing when you have had a particularly profitable rehearsal and you step out of the theatre and are suddenly inundated with sensory overload. The way the sky strikes you, the clarity of the light and the wealth of tiny sounds. It is an added benefit of all that concentration and focus!

The use of the senses in performance is something that I find absolutely key. The dependency of a performer on their eyes must be broken during warm up if a truthful, rounded inhabitation of character is to occur. This is something that can take a while and just goes to underline how important company warm up is to the overall production.

I am lucky enough to have a permanent company of actors and deeply value the ability to work and develop in depth relationships with each other, building skills and through sensory experimentation delving so fully into the many possibilities for the production.


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