Spotlites Inspiration quotes from some people you may know

Some Spotlites inspired quotations …

“This above all, to thine own self be true” – Shakespeare

“Be willing to go alone! Many who started with you won’t finish with you” – Anonymous

“Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable” – Denis Waitley

“Accept no one’s definition of your life, define yourself” Harvey Gienstein

“What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be” anon

“Success isn’t just about accomplishment. It is also about how the things you do in your life motivate and inspire others to do something in theirs” anon

“It is quite fun to do the impossible” Walt Disney

“There are four questions of value in life … What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for? And what is worth dying for? Love” Jonny Depp

“It’s a good thing to feel like you have to prove something” Lauren Conrad

“The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise” – Maya Angelou

“Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big”

“Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your three other tyres because you got one flat”

“The key to immortality if first living a life worth remembering” Bruce Lee

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible'” Audrey Hepburn

“I am at peace with God, my conflict is with Man” Charlie Chaplain

“You suffer as an actor. It’s difficult to be an actor and live a good life, especially today” Catheine Deneuve

“To grasp the full significance of life is the actor’s duty to interpret it. His problem and to express it his dedication” James Dean

“I know very little about acting. I’m just an incredibly gifted faker” Robert Downey Jr

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up for” Bruce Lee

“I became an actor because it was the only thing I could do. I didn’t have any friends, I didn’t fit it. But when I started acting everything in my life shifter and I felt happy” Gillian Anderson

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do” Bruce Lee

“All of us are born for a reason, but all of us don’t discover why. Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish yourself. It is what you do for others” Annon

“Try and live your life the way you wish other people would live theirs”

“One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter” James earl Jones

“I was one of those kids who … well let’s just say that theatre really saved my life. It has always been an outlet for me.” Cindy Genzano

“Don’t just teach your children to read … Teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question Everything!” George Carlin

“Never live your life for anyone but yourself” Jared leto

“Do or do not do, there is no try ” Yoda



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