My Director’s Job – spotlites

We asked Spotlites Artistic Director to tell us about her job, here is what she said …
I have the best job in the world.
I get to write, cast, direct, stage and produce my own plays.
I get to select, cast, direct, stage and produce plays by others.
I get to market and produce whatever I want to.
I get to lead a team of the most special talents (thanks guys!) beyond whatever madness we’ve achieved last time to something strange and new.
I get to work with some amazing people and phenomenal companies.
I get to programme our theatre all day everyday plus our Edinburgh venues every year for the Festival.
I get to see the world’s best theatre and pick what will work at our venue.
I get to build new relationships and collaborations.
I get to see projects through from inception to completion.
I get to nurture new talent and challenge older talent.
I get to work 24/7 and love every minute.
I get to change the world from the inside.
Well, wow, it seems she has an amazing job at Spotlites, next time we will be asking other members of the team what their job involves and if they love it.

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