Inspired by @edfringe quality – Spotlites Producer’s Blog

Whilst working at Spotlites it never fails to amaze me how many incredibly talented and creative people there are in our industry.

I have been privileged to meet, watch and talk with some of the world’s finest actors, directors, choreographers, dancers, singers, musicians, magicians and producers from over 20 different countries in the last twelve weeks whilst programming our @edfringe venue and I am enriched and invigorated by the experience. There are so many people making special work in so many ways in so many different countries with so many unique approaches. Yet what binds all of them together is the intrinsic belief that some stories must be heard. The differences between us are many but the core values go beyond cultural differences and are the same. All the creative people who I spoke to are devoted to their art and driven by a need to get that work before audiences, fueled by a deep but at the same time fragile, belief in their work.

In no other industry, except maybe sport, do people have to have such a ‘total’ drive and commitment and be prepared to sacrifice everything for their work.

At Spotlites @ The Merchants’ Hall we have created a programme for #Edfringe which is truly inspirational and makes me incredibly proud. Phenomenal new works and edgy adaptations rub shoulders with insightful new productions of classic favourites.

Thank you to my fabulous @spotlites team who after talking every day across more than 15 different time zones now deserve to get some sleep!

Spotlites Sleeping Puppy

Just tired


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