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We have been bouncing through loads of different scripts in the past few weeks in Spotlites Youth Theatre, it’s excellent to see such a positive response not just to the contemporary pieces but also some real classics.

A smile glued itself to my face this week when the director and I were spontaneously graced with a scene a pair had chosen to memorise from their favourite contemporary play. I was also told by a 14 year old his favourite was the one written more than 2000 years ago, because it was most relevant to him.

This got me thinking: in another 2000 years what will they remember about the theatre we produce now? Will it be the costume (like the Greeks with their masks), the timeless plots (like Shakespeare) or maybe the way you can now see a theatre show live from a cinema?

We don’t know. None of us can know for sure but every last one of us if striving to be avant-garde and push the boundaries of the norm to create something special. So what comes next, where is the future for theatre? We all have our own ideas but the future of theatre lies in the imagination of these youngsters, so let’s keep on inspiring and perhaps these are the classics of the future.


Spotlites future of theatre

1.21 Gigawatts the musical?





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