Do other playwrights feel like this? – Spotlites Artistic Director asks

I write plays for Spotlites. Sometimes. When they decide to be written. Which can take a very long time. Sometimes they are running around my head for years before they allow themselves to be caught and written down.

I am about to write another play; it’s in the elusive catch me if you can, peek-a-boo phase where I can see most of it but not quite all of it. Exciting but mystifying.

Spotlites Butterfly Emerges

Monarch Butterfly Emerges

People often say to me that writing plays must be a lonely task, which is funny, because actually it feels quite the reverse to me! Suddenly my head is full of other people’s thoughts, emotions and ideas which are all scrabbling over themselves to be written down. It can actually start to feel crowded in there!

I think writing plays is one of the most joyous experiences I have had; especially when the structure starts to reveal itself and you can see the shape of all the ideas that you’ve been having. So I am looking forward to the moment immensely. If trepidatiously! Waiting to see these characters emerge into the light!

It’s a bit like when you first see the butterfly, damp, scruffy, a bit bedraggled but nonetheless you can see what he’s going to be any minute!

Do other playwrights feel like this?


Spotlites Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly


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