Birth of a theatre – Spotlites #edfringe 2014

I’m watching an awesome act of creativity. A birth. A phoenix rising from the ashes! One of the most amazing creative acts I’ve ever seen. A phenomenal team creation.

Olympic Gold

You might ask what’s the play? Can we come and see it? Where can we get tickets?

Gimme Gimme Gimme

There are no tickets for this amazing group. They are the production crew at Spotlites who are currently building a theatre of West End standard inside an old building. They are building this in a few days from the floor up to the ceiling, putting in literally miles of cables and flooring not to mention seating and curtaining. They work together with such devotion and attention to detail. They have a sympathy with the nuts and bolts of what they’re doing and an understanding of why things have to be exactly right which many performers struggle with in the beginning.
I have watched the creation of our Main Theatre and it’s a corker!
Well done guys and thank you.


Roll on the technical rehearsals.
This is one happy Artistic Director!

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