Edfringe 2015 – Producer’s Blog

It’s one of my favourite times of the year (no, not Christmas! ) The month before EdFringe kicks off in August!

At Spotlites we work on our EdFringe season from September the previous year. It’s a heck of a lot of work and it all culminates in the opening of our venue, Spotlites Venue 278 in Hanover Street.

By the time we get to that moment, we will have visited hundreds of productions, met thousands of incredibly creative people, produced hundreds of thousands of fliers and posters, travelled thousands of miles, co-ordinated hundreds of touring shows and then built a West End standard theatre starting from the floor up…

That’s not to mention rehearsing and packing the 6 different productions that we’re taking to Edfringe ourselves too.

But this month beforehand when we are so incredibly busy, is so exciting, invigorating and energising. Anticpating some incredible performances, some gems of shows, amazing companies who grow and develop their work in front of your eyes, from one day to the next. Phenomenal performers who take EdFringe in their stride and then shake it up by the ears!

EdFringe is the biggest Arts market place in the world and we are so proud to have the very best companies at Spotlites, driving and inspiring this great Festival.

Roll on August!




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