The Twits – All Cast Rehearsal

A FANTASTIC all cast rehearsal! F

or those who know the story, you will recognise the phrase ‘Giant Skillywiggler’. For those who don’t, imagine a creature pulled from the darkest depths of Africa whose sole purpose is bring fear through the consumption of toes and knees.

Our adaptation sees Mr Twit creating the monster from thin air with the aid of a slimy frog. Going out into the mist to capture a frog allowed the entire cast to show their colours… turning out to be an astounding toad green!

Every cast member becomes a frog in a spectacular sequence of choreography which left us in stitches. Incredibly proud of everyone, and cannot wait to do more!





The Twits

One of my favourite childhood stories. A chance to construct mayhem is a young boy’s dream. That and owning a sweet shop.

Starting our first rehearsal with exploring characters proved wonderful. The stage exploded with monkeys, birds, frogs and all manor of ferocious jungle animals.

A magnificent start to a mischievous story.

What’s On in February at Spotlites Theatre

This month Spotlites Youth Theatre are performing the play ‘Beauty and the Beast’ by Laurence Boswell, we also have 3 exciting Drama Workshops for 5 to 12 year olds which are only £5 each as one of our 20 special offers as it is Spotlites Theatre’s 20th Birthday this year!

Beauty and the Beast is a play about resilience, doing the right thing and love. Our story starts when Beauty leaves her safe and familiar domestic world to fulfil her fatherʼs promise to the Beast. Her journey takes her into a world of great riches and splendid treasures; a world of terrifying nightmares and secret desires; a world dominated by the fearsome and tragic Beast. Slowly Beauty discovers the mysteries of passion, imagination and love…

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Thursday 15th February – 7.30pm,
Saturday 17th February – 7.30pm
Sunday 18th February – 7.30pm
& Saturday 24th February – 7.30pm

Recommended age 8yrs+

Spotlites February Holiday Drama Workshops for 5 – 12yrs

Spotlites Theatre’s 20th Birthday treat for you JUST £5 each

Wednesday 14th February 2018

Spy Kids School
Use gadgets and disguises to save the world!

10am – 11am

Thursday 15th February


Star Wars – The Last Jedi
Master the Force, Jedi Mind Tricks, Lightsabre Combat,and Force Lightning 

10am – 11am 

Friday 16th February


Race a Pteradactyl!
Fish with a Plesiosaurus!
Play ‘Hide & Shriek’ with a T-Rex!

10am – 11am

Click here to book online now!

Spotlites Theatre’s 20th Birthday treat for you JUST £5 each

We are fully insured, all our staff have DBS checks,
are first aid trained and very experienced with children including those with special needs
Drop and collect, children only; parents do not watch but can wait in our cafe with comfy sofas and free WIFI!

Spotlites Theatre
338 High Street, Chatham.
Kent. ME4 4NR

***** ‘Wow-tastic’ British Theatre Guide
***** ‘Outstanding’ FringeReview