The One Legged Man Show

Bouquets & Brickbats


Spotlites, Edinburgh

Nils Bergstrand is the one-legged man in question, and this auto-biographical show charts his attempts to come to terms with losing a limb. He was shot in a bar in Thailand one fateful New Year’s eve (wrong place, wrong time – the bullet was never meant for him), and the subsequent amputation changed his life forever. Here, he uses musical theatre as a kind of catharsis, performing a series of original cabaret songs that take us through the dark times until we emerge to see a present that looks remarkably bright.

Bergstrand has a lovely singing voice, and there are moments here that evoke real tears (the song where he begs his girlfriend not to leave him alone is a standout). His diaries from the past reveal  a tendency towards the poetic, and it’s certainly an affecting tale.

It does all feel a little earnest, a little –…

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Bouquets & Brickbats


Spotlites, Edinburgh

Evil is nobody’s idea of a fun day out at the theatre. It’s an emotionally demanding piece.

A searing monologue, adapted by Benny Haag from a novel by Jan Guillou, it’s brilliantly performed by Jesper Arin. It’s the story of Erik, a young Swedish boy who has been systematically brutalised by his father (‘the old man’ as Erik habitually refers to him), ritually beaten on an everyday basis. When the chance finally comes for him to escape to a prestigious boarding school, Erik jumps at the chance; but it isn’t long before he realises that the institution – Stjarnhov near Stockholm – is every bit as vicious as the place from which he has recently fled.

Arin is a compelling actor – he lays out the story in a cool, matter-of-fact tone, never flinching from detail, drawing us completely into the narrative. Perhaps it’s the fact that…

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Just around the riverbend at Spotlites

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It’s been a really exciting and intense year at Spotlites. Can’t remember a single moment without a major project just around the riverbend.

We have staged six of our interactive productions for children this year, beginning with ‘Sleeping Beauty and the Time Lords’ at our Kent theatre last January and culminating with 71 different performances of our own shows at our ‘home from home’, Spotlites @ EdFringe.

We also built our EdFringe venue from scratch in just 5 days creating 3 high specification theatres literally from the ground up. This involves laying tens of metres of stage flooring, hundreds of metres of scaffolding, thousand of metres of cabling and rigging and focussing innumerable lights, projectors, sounds and lighting desks as well as what feels like several thousand miles of black curtains and a million safety pins! All credit and much gratitude to our ingenious and intrepid Technical team…

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