Christmas Drama Workshops at Spotlites THIS week

Be sure not to miss out THIS week on Spotlites phenomenal Drama Workshops for 5-12s!

Drama Workshops at Spotlites are a magical way to grab a taste of theatre and fun this Christmas! They are also brilliant for introducing children; especially those who are new to theatre, into the beautiful world that helps them bring their favourite stories to life. The exciting new themes allow children to bring the tales close to their hearts alive when they jump into them and become immersed in the enchantment, mischief and fun that follows.

Spotlites amazing team of professional actors are brilliant at engaging each and every child into the joyousness and all have enhanced DBS checks, so you can drop off your children and collect them after the hour. Children can also stay through if they want to take part in more than one workshop, parents do not watch but are welcome to wait in Spotlites new cafe area.

Themes are available to suit all interests from joining the Rainbow fairies to bring some Rainbow Magic into Christmas, voyaging to the Pacific Islands with Moana, firing lasers with the Vision and shooting webs with Spiderman after a civil war breaks the Avengers apart and being whisked away into the mystical world of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to save Christmas! If Star Wars is more their thing, children can join Rogue One to battle Storm Troopers to steal the plans for the Death Star! Or join Frankie’s Magic Football gang and save the lost elf in time for Christmas!

With the company’s illustrious reputation, style and experience of interactive performance, children of all ages will definitely not be disappointed. Reviewers have shared their thoughts on the experience and they reflect on the brilliance of the workshops offered:

***** “WOW-tastic” – British Theatre Guide

***** “Outstanding” – FringeReview




Dates and themes

Thursday 22nd December 2017:

Christmas Rainbow Magic – Join Holly, Robyn, Stella and her fairy friends for some Christmas magic! (10am-11am)

Moana – Explore the beautiful Pacific Islands as you set about on a voyage with Moana and Maui the demigod to go on a special, secret mission for her ancestors (11am-12pm)

Friday 23rd December 2017:
Frankie’s Magic Football and the Elf Express – Use your football skills in order to get the lost elf back to his world and return in time for Christmas (10am-11am)

Star Wars: Rogue One – Fight with the resistance to steal the plans for the Death Star and battle the storm troopers (11am-12pm)

Avengers: Captain America vs Iron Man – Which side will you be on as a civil war causes the divide of the avengers? (12pm-1pm)

Saturday 24th December 2017 (Christmas Eve):
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Use the power of friendship to triumph over the time-turner to save Christmas from the dementors and death eaters! Workshop also contains a small gift for each child taking part! (10am-11am – £10)

Listings Information

Venue: Spotlites @ Kings Theatre, 338 High Street, Chatham ME4 4NR

Production: Drama Workshops for 5-12s

Company: Spotlites Theatre Productions


Thursday 22nd December – Christmas Rainbow Magic 10am-11am, Moana – 11am-12pm.

Friday 23rd December – Frankie’s Magic Football and the Elf Express 10am-11am, Star Wars: Rogue One 11am-12pm, Avengers: Captain America vs Iron Man 12pm-1pm.

Saturday 24th December – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 10am-11am

Time: 10am-11am, 11am-12pm noon, 12pm noon-1pm

Tickets: £8 per child (Saturday 24th December £10 as includes a small gift for each child)

Box office: 01634 829468

Website: Book online now so you don’t miss out as we sell out fast!

Spotlites Director Blog – Auditioning


I am faced with the prospect of auditioning for a new actor with Spotlites, a prospect which, in about equal measure, always fills me with excitement and unease.

There is no more artificial situation than to place a lot of people who have spent years training to pretend for a living in an interview situation and ask them to tell you about themselves.

Most can’t. Those that can, are usually creating a persona which they may well subscribe to, but which often bears little relation to who they actually are. It’s a problem because you have a very short amount of time to find something out about them, which would help immensely to decide if they are the right person for your company and productions.

If they do manage to answer your questions as themselves, they are also trained in body language so after ‘reading’ you for the answer you’re looking for, they give it! Beautifully!

Now the problem is that you are trying to find out about this person and although they have got the question ‘right’ really that doesn’t help at all. Because it’s not what they themselves really think. Or is it?

The ‘mask’ prevents actors from opening up to you in a real way. The ‘mask’ can also prevent them performing in a real way. So if they won’t take it off at audition, what chance do you have of getting them to take it off in rehearsals once they have got the job? What chance of real emotion and deep character building?

So actors please come to auditions as yourself ( I know that can be scary!) and be as ordinary and genuine as possible. If you’re not right for the company or roles it would be better to find that out beforehand and save everyone a lot of heartache.

The very concept of an audition is foreign to this. I know. But if we replace this word with another: ‘try out’ perhaps what I am trying to say will make more sense. It’s a try out. It isn’t the being and end of you. Or us. And to try out how we work together requires you to be yourself. Not someone else. Well not until we have both agreed who that character is and how it relates to you. Spotlites only wants the real you.

this is mr nervous at his audition