The Twits – All Cast Rehearsal

A FANTASTIC all cast rehearsal! F

or those who know the story, you will recognise the phrase ‘Giant Skillywiggler’. For those who don’t, imagine a creature pulled from the darkest depths of Africa whose sole purpose is bring fear through the consumption of toes and knees.

Our adaptation sees Mr Twit creating the monster from thin air with the aid of a slimy frog. Going out into the mist to capture a frog allowed the entire cast to show their colours… turning out to be an astounding toad green!

Every cast member becomes a frog in a spectacular sequence of choreography which left us in stitches. Incredibly proud of everyone, and cannot wait to do more!





The Twits – Read Through

The first read through is complete.

Building a picture page by page left every eye glittering with anticipation. Getting to see the physical comedy play out in everyone’s mind was a treat. It’s heavily United. Each action needs to be carefully crafted; not over played, not so discrete it’s lost.

All this movement needing to be matched to vocal work and the style of the entire play. Not to mention in relation to other characters!

Certainly a challenge and one we’re ready to tackle.




The Twits

One of my favourite childhood stories. A chance to construct mayhem is a young boy’s dream. That and owning a sweet shop.

Starting our first rehearsal with exploring characters proved wonderful. The stage exploded with monkeys, birds, frogs and all manor of ferocious jungle animals.

A magnificent start to a mischievous story.